Surge Battery Metals Trailblazing the Path to MAJOR Potential Lithium Finds in 2022 (1)

Desolate, dusty and 4,300 feet above sea level, Nevada’s Clayton Valley is home to the United States’ only producing lithium mine.1

Albemarle’s Silver Peak Mine has been in operation since 1966, a lithium brine operation that yields some 7 million pounds annual for $36 million at market.3

That’s a miniscule fraction of the world’s $8 Billion in total production, due in part to the complexity, difficulty and expense of mining lithium in the United States.3

But as demand grows for Electric Vehicles (EVs), so too grows demand for the “Green Metals” used in the production of lithium-ion batteries. It’s estimated that demand for these minerals could soar by as much as 500x the demand for the vehicles in which they’re used, so it’s a major potential bottleneck as the market continues to grow.2

All it takes is a quick look at the spot prices of lithium carbonate as recently as mid-2021 to see a spike:

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Source 1

And with an estimated 100 new different models of EVs coming online by 2024 from auto manufacturers around the world, this demand story likely won’t let up. It’s estimated that lithium demand will outstrip supply by 2025, and grow by fivefold overall by the end of the decade according to BloombergNEF.4

With most commodities, this would lead to a rapid increase in prices. Producers, in turn, would be able to increase their investment and use more costly mining methods than would otherwise be practical. Greater demand leads to higher prices, and eventually production to meet said demand.

But when it comes to lithium, things aren’t quite so simple …

Lithium Supply Lag Could Drive Soaring Profits for Developing Lithium Properties

Once again, these projects are expensive. They’re complicated and they can involve years of lead time before production can come online. The technology is extremely sophisticated, and sourcing the right staff can be difficult.

Bringing a new lithium mine online isn’t as easy as just flipping on a light switch.

So when it comes to dealing with this tidal wave of demand, it’s important to focus on the lithium projects already in development and ascertain which show the most promise.

In particular, Surge Battery Metals’ newest project in Nevada’s San Emidio desert certainly merits attention.5

The property position consists of 60 association placer claims covering about 1942 Ha (4,800 acres) centered on the San Emidio desert. The target of this early-stage exploration project is a lithium brine deposit, similar to those at Clayton Valley, Nevada and similar to other producing deposits in Chile and Argentina. These lithium rich brines are thought to be the product of evaporative concentration of dissolved lithium leached from volcanic ash either by weathering or geothermal fluids.

According to due diligence completed by Network1 Financial

Surge’s team got an early head-start on this new project thanks to input from a “prolific lithium mining company” that had already done extensive research in the local area.

Working off this information, the company is fast-tracking lithium exploration with a two-phase exploration process that could yield potential results as early as Q4 2022.

In the first phase of this process, the company plans to stake additional claims, develop a greater understanding of the local geology, and undertake a geophysical surveying program to determine the best possible location for drilling and assessment. All of this work is slated to be complete by mid-2022.

In the second phase of this process, the company will drill three 215-meter (700’) exploratory sonic drill holes. Once those drill cores are exposed and assayed, the company plans to commit to additional exploration at the end of 2022.

The company’s other property in Northern Nevada holds even more prospects for potential lithium finds.

Lithium Supply Lag Could Drive Soaring Profits for Developing Lithium Properties

Hard-driving demand for EVs and, in turn, lithium batteries will only continue to escalate.

If and when Surge Battery Metals announces they’ve found positive, minable lithium in Nevada, they’ll be doing so to a red-hot global market.

Due to the relatively rapid potential for good news here, the myriad benefits of Nevada as a mining jurisdiction, and the tidal wave of demand, Surge Battery Metals is absolutely one for your watchlist.

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